Why are Soy Protein Machines so popular in the food processing industry?

With the silk protein as the main material of the emerging snack food loved by people, such as bean skin, bean gluten, bean silk, bean chicken wings, bean shrimp, bean intestine, vegetable protein meat, flavor pastry and other products. It can be seen that brushed protein will become a new food leading the development of food.

tofu skin                                          soybean gluten                                          bean chicken wings

Soybean protein machine with low temperature soybean meal, peanut meal, soybean protein, gluten powder as the main raw materials, after grinding, stirring, tempering, high temperature, high pressure and high shear, the spherical protein molecules are opened into chains and reorganized to form a new food with the structure of fleshy fiber. Its product nutrition value is high, has the meat state and the taste, does not contain the cholesterol and the animal fat, has the oil absorption, the water absorption, the flavor absorption characteristic.


Brushed protein snack food

Histone features

1.The raw material is expanded by the bulking machine, so that the protein molecules are rearranged in order, with the same direction of tissue structure, similar to the meat-like porous tissue, so it has excellent water retention and chewing sensation.

2.Soybean is processed under high temperature, high moisture and high pressure for a short period of time, eliminating all kinds of harmful substances contained in soybean, improving human body’s ability to absorb and digest protein, and significantly increasing nutritional value.

3.During puffing, due to rapid decompression and explosion at the outlet, the bad smell in soybean can be removed and the gas production of soybean protein can be reduced after consumption.

4.Soy tissue protein has a good oil retention, the food made with it is clean and not greasy.

5.Easy to use, soak in room temperature water for 30 minutes, can be made into a variety of food.

6.Soy histone contains no cholesterol and can be safely consumed by people with cardiovascular disease.

7.Soybean tissue protein is an ideal plant protein, containing eight essential amino acids.

8.The shape of soybean histone protein can be divided into flake, bulk and granule. There are primary colors, red colors, so that it is more widely used.

Soy protein drawing

Soybean filament-drawing protein products produced by twin screw extruding method, the advantage of the product is that the product can provide a variety of nutrients to human body, which can solve the single nutrition of the original technology. The design is reasonable, the technology is advanced, the automation is high, the soybean protein product is functional, the application scope is wide.

Histone production line

The histone equipment takes low-temperature soybean meal as the main raw material, adds a certain amount of water and additives, stirring it to mix evenly, forcing the temperature and pressure, so that the protein molecules are arranged in order and have the same direction of tissue structure, and then heating, swelling and solidification, forming a hollow butylated fibrin.


Real shooting of production process

Characteristics of soybean protein machine

1.Automatic control, stable and reliable performance, simple and fast operation, a device only one person operation, save time, save labor, can easily and quickly realize the purpose of multi-task processing.

2.Soybean protein function effectively to avoid protein damage, the production of artificial meat nutrients high, fresh flavor.

3.It is made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures the quality and service life of drawing protein and tissue protein equipment and greatly reduces the investment cost.

4.Made of high quality materials in line with the national food hygiene standards, it effectively ensures the clean brightness of the drawing protein production equipment and facilitates cleaning.

Soybean protein machine

At present, soybean tissue protein is mainly produced with low-temperature soybean meal. Therefore, the utilization of soybean tissue protein can not only improve the protein content of the product, reduce the content of animal fat and cholesterol, prevent the product from being damaged by high temperature heating or mechanical action and lose the tactile sensation of meat, but also reduce the cost of the product. In addition, because of its good water absorption and oil absorption, can reduce the processing loss and reduce the sense of grease. Histone protein products are mainly applicable to ham, sausage, canned food, fast food and frozen food, snack food and other industries, and also directly cooking vegetarian dishes.