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Niangao production line is a kind of equipment for making niangao, which has the characteristics of high yield, low cost, high profit, simple operation and safety. Change different mold, can produce different shape of food.

Therefore, niangao machine is the first choice of food factory, niangao factory, the rice cake produced by the rice cake machine has good elasticity, does not stick to teeth, has bright and clean surface, is not easy to aging and cracking, cannot be boiled bad, and has a long shelf life, is a good choice for giving gifts.

The rice cake produced by the rice cake machine
The rice cake produced by the rice cake machine
The rice cake produced by the rice cake machine

The rice cake produced by the rice cake machine

The extrusion rice cake machine uses the principle of screw extrusion to make the material extrude from the extrusion chamber, suitable for high viscosity materials, widely applicable to all starchy food crops: rice, corn, buckwheat, sorghum, sweet potato, potato, mung bean, bowl bean.

Using automatic rice cake equipment, the whole production process is clean and hygienic, environmental protection without dust, there is no pasting in the traditional process.

Full automatic rice cake machineFull automatic rice cake machine

As a professional New Year cake machine equipment manufacturer, our extrusion New Year cake machine, New Year cake cutter, cooked New Year cake equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as: Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and so on, and received unanimous praise. Welcome to visit!

Indian clients visit
Indian clients visit
 Customers and employees
Customers and employees

  The extruded rice cake machine produced by our factory has the following advantages:

1.Food grade 304 stainless steel is selected as the main material to ensure that the product conforms to food safety standards.

2.Niangao production line machine can automatically feed, product niangao continuously.

3.Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean.

4.It can produce 300 kilograms of rice cakes per hour, which is a big yield.

5.Energy saving, high yield, high efficiency, easy management, safety and health.

6.In addition to niangao strips and niangao slices, niangao cakes of various shapes can also be produced. Such as: pentacle, heart, flower shape, number, can also customize other shapes.

7.Good configuration and flexibility, equipment can make New Year cake via adjust the process according to the company’s plans or market demand.

Process flow:

Mixing rice → washing rice → saturated soaking rice → grinding → filtering → mixing materials → steaming and self-curing → extrusion molding → cutting off the plate → aging and hardening → later process

Full automatic rice cake production lineFull automatic rice cake production line

Our New Year cake machine and puffing snack machine product technology is excellent, high quality, simple to use, easy to clean, large output. For decades, it has won a good reputation in the market. Would you like to know more about the New Year cake machine? Please contact us.

  Product parameters:

Model ZSD-G104
Power 6kw
Voltage 220v
Yield 300kg/hr
Dimensions 650*800*1320mm
Weight 50kg

 Why choose Leader Machinery?

1.We belong to the factory direct sales, no point of sale, you are welcome to visit our factory at any time. The purchase of the machine can be either paid in cash or remitted through the bank account.

2.During the process of using the New Year cake extruder, we will visit customers regularly to ask for their feedback and improvement opinions on product quality and usage.

3.The company will arrange special personnel to conduct special training on the use, troubleshooting, debugging and maintenance of the equipment.

4.24-hour telephone service, holidays as usual service.

5.Respond immediately to customer complaints about quality issues. Foreign 72 hours to the scene.

6.Spare parts damaged due to quality problems within two years will be replaced free of charge by mail.

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