Cases of Indian customers visiting Food Puffing Snack Machine

Our company is a company specializing in the production of food puffing snack machine, the equipment has a very high standard. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the demand for puffing snack is gradually increasing, and the demand for food puffing snack machine is also increasing. Many customers will come to our factory for field inspection.

Recently, our customers in India contacted us. They found many different manufacturers on the Internet. After repeated comparisons, they thought our equipment had great advantages. So they decided to make a field trip. We also arranged special staff to receive them.

Visit of Indian customers

What are the advantages of food puffing snack machine?

  1. high yield

The food puffing snack machine adopts the mechanized production mode, which can produce the most food in a short time, and the production speed is very fast, which can help manufacturers improve production efficiency and increase profits.

  1. low power consumption

Many large-scale equipment needs a lot of energy in the process of use, and trips will occur when the power is insufficient. However, energy-saving devices are used in the food puffing snack equipment, which consumes very little power in the process of use, which is not only conducive to production but also saves production costs.

  1. Simple process and strong adaptability

The traditional equipment needs many workers to operate, while the puff snack machine only needs 1-2 people to operate. It is very simple to use, and ordinary workers can operate it easily, which is very practical.

  1. It can process many kinds of food

Manufacturers invest in a puff snack machine money, you can produce a variety of different kinds of puffed food, can better meet the needs of customers.

  1. High quality food produced

The puffed food produced by the puffed snack equipment has high water content, long-term storage, convenient packaging, rich taste and very high quality.

Food puffing snack machine

Indian customers are very satisfied with our food puffing snack machine. Of course, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we have produced a variety of different models of equipment. Customers can also contact us for customization.

Technical parameters of food puffing snack machine:

Power 10KW 20KW 30KW
Processing customized Yes
Category Bulking machine
Voltage 380(V)
Product usage Puffed food. Snack food
Dimensions 2700x900x1800(mm)
Net weight 1600(kg)

Puffed food

After a careful understanding and conversation, we have reached a good cooperative relationship with Indian customers, who finally purchased 6 food puffing snack machines. In order to make the subsequent processing and production of Indian customers more smooth, we will send professional technicians to guide the installation, solve all the worries for Indian customers, and Indian customers are very aware of our services Yes.

Over the years, we have won the trust of customers in many countries and regions by virtue of high-quality equipment and perfect after-sales service, and our market is gradually expanding. Due to the hot market, our food puffing snack machine is in short supply once it is launched. In addition, our company’s pet food machine, rice fruit sandwich machine and other equipment have been unanimously praised by customers.

If you also need to buy such a food puffing snack machine, please contact us, you will receive a full surprise!