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With the increasing variety of pets, there are adult animals and young animals, demands for pet food are also rising. Animal feed processors can give pet food a novel shape, unique taste and color, and adapt to the evolving pet food market with the most scientific nutritional mix and ease of digestion.

A variety of pet food produced using animal feed processors
A variety of pet food produced using animal feed processors
A variety of pet food produced using animal feed processors

A variety of pet food produced using animal feed processors

Thanks to our continuous efforts, our pet food production lines, animal feed processing machines, dog biscuit making machine soybean protein making machine and other products have been exported to many countries. Examples: Singapore, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Uganda, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, etc.

  Our engineers are installing feed processors in India

Animal feed processing machine in India
Animal feed processing machine in India
Indian client
Indian client

  Our pet food equipment has superior performance:

1.Easy to operate and learn. Precise parameter control to ensure that the product is finished in a specific temperature, pressure, humidity and time.

2.Reasonable structure design, special material, rapid self-cleaning performance to ensure the stability of the feed puffing machine, easy to maintain.

3.Screw has excellent self – cleaning ability.

4.Pet food/aquatic feed is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure during processing, ensuring the health and safety of feed products.

5.Discharge template replacement is simple, if you need different aperture feed, only need to replace the aperture template.

6.The resulting pet food has a variety of shapes and tastes that can adapt to a variety of pet food requirements.

Animal feed processing lineAnimal feed processing line

  Process composition:

Mixing machine: according to the production line can choose different models of mixing machine.

Feeding machine: the use of motor for power screw transmission, to ensure convenient feeding.

Puffing machine: according to the production line, you can choose different types of puffing mainframe, you can use corn flour, grain flour, bone powder, meat powder as raw materials, specific product shape can be changed mold.

Elevator: feed is transferred to the oven. The height of the elevator is determined according to the oven, also can choose the air feeder.

Multi-layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is between 0-200 degrees, which can be adjusted by itself through the control cabinet. The interior is stainless steel double-layer net belt. The baking time can be adjusted according to the speed. There are three, five and seven layers of stainless steel ovens.

Vibrating screen: sieve off the broken material, which can be used as raw material again, saving cost.

Seasoning line: octagonal drum, single drum, double drum seasoning line, according to the output, product properties to configure.

Cooling transfer: filter the excess external spatter and grease on the surface of materials to ensure the quality of products and save the use of external spatter.

According to the market demand, our factory has developed a variety of pet food production lines. Pet feed processing machines also have a variety of configurations. You can contact us to learn more product details, we look forward to serving you!

  Product parameters:

Model 65 Twin screw production line 70 Twin screw production line 75 Twin screw production line 95 Twin screw production line
Main motor power 22kw 30kw 55/75 90/110
Drying method Gas/electric heating Gas/electric heating/steam Gas/electric heating/steam Gas/electric heating/steam
Production capacity 120-150kg/h 350-500kg/h 450-600kg/h 1000-1200kg/h
Dimensions 12000*4000*2200mm 13500*4000*2200mm 18500*4000*3200mm 21000*4000*3200mm

Twin screw production lineTwin screw production line

Sample drawing of processing machineSample drawing of processing machineSample drawing of processing machine

Leader Machinery not only produce high quality animal feed processing machines, but also provide you with perfect after-sales service:

1.Provide various basic formulations.

2.Free installation and debugging.

3.Responsible for training personnel.

4.Free warranty for one year.

Would you like more details? Just contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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