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Soybean protein making machine with low temperature soybean meal, peanut meal, soybean protein, gluten powder as the main raw materials, after grinding, stirring, conditioning, high temperature, high pressure, high shear, the spherical protein molecules open into chains and reorganized, to form a new type food with meat fiber structure. The product has high nutritional value, with the state and taste of meat, free from cholesterol and animal fat, with the characteristics of oil absorption, water absorption and taste absorption.

With the silk protein as the main material of the emerging snack food loved by people, such as tofu skin, bean gluten, bean silk, vegetable chicken wings, bean shrimp, bean intestine, vegetable protein meat, flavor pastry and other products. It can be seen that brushed protein will become a new food leading the development of food.

The snack food with brushed protein as the main ingredient
The snack food with brushed protein as the main ingredient
The snack food with brushed protein as the main ingredient

The snack food with brushed protein as the main ingredient

Our factory specializes in the production of drawing protein equipment, tissue protein equipment, the machine can be multi-purpose, through different mold can produce a variety of patterns of protein meat. Such as: sheet, column, ball, strip, grain, etc.

Brushed protein soybean mealBrushed protein soybean mealBrushed protein soybean meal

Brushed protein
Brushed protein
Soybean protein
Soybean protein

Soybean protein processing equipmentSoybean protein processing equipment

As one of the professional soybean protein equipment manufacturers, Leader Machinery can provide you with different types of different power, of course, we can customize according to your requirements. We guarantee that you can purchase the most practical machine at the lowest price!

  Product parameters:

Model parameter TSE65-S TSE85-S
Installed capacity 57kw 130kw
The actual power consumption 40kw 90kw
Production capacity 200-260kg/h 450-600kg/h
Dimensions 2.8*0.9*1.9m 3.8*1.0*2.0m

  Mechanical process of soybean protein meat:

Preparation of raw materials — → mixing powder — → conveying — → conditioning — → extrusion — → conveying — → drying — → (packaging)

Wire drawing protein production lineWire drawing protein production line

  Mechanical configuration of soybean protein meat:

Mixing machine → screw feeding → conditioner → twin screw expander → elevator → multi-layer oven

Soy protein meat mechanical configurationSoy protein meat mechanical configuration

The extrusion rice cake machine,soybean protein machine, brushed protein equipment and tissue protein production equipment that designed and developed by our factory have been exported to overseas countries with excellent quality and low price. Including: the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Germany and so on, and has been widely praised by customers.

Reception of foreign clientsReception of foreign clientsReception of foreign clients

  Our soy protein machine has many advantages:

1.Simple and fast: automatic control, stable and reliable performance, simple and fast operation, a device only one person operation, save time, save labor, can easily and quickly realize the purpose of multi-task processing.

2.Nutrition assurance: our soy protein function effectively prevents protein from being destroyed, producing artificial meat with high nutritional content and fresh flavor.

3.Quality assurance: it is made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures the quality and service life of the wiredrawing protein and tissue protein equipment and greatly reduces the investment cost.

4.Cleanliness and hygiene: it is made of high quality materials in accordance with the national food hygiene standards, effectively ensuring the clean and bright of the drawing protein production equipment and facilitating cleaning.

The actual picture taken by clientThe actual picture taken by clientThe actual picture taken by client

  Why choose us?

1.Equipment can be customized in our factory according to their own needs.

2.After the purchase of the machine 24 hours after debugging and delivery, the machine can be used just after the plug in, save the cost of installation!

3.Regularly pay attention to the operation status of the sold equipment, consult users’ needs and opinions, after finding problems, the professional technical staff of our factory will communicate by phone, and solve problems for you in time.

4.Customer service hotline 24 hours response, 365 days uninterrupted technical support.

5.Machine lifetime warranty, equipment lifetime service, so that users buy assured.

Welcome to visit our factory!

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