What’s so amazing about artificial rice making machine?

Artificial rice refers to starch raw materials to add a variety of nutrient fortification material, with artificial method puffing, crushing, stirring, ripening granulation, drying, and then made into grains similar to natural rice. The rice can be steamed directly or mixed with rice in a 2:8 ratio. Steamed rice and corn taste sweet, the rice grains are not easy to loose, is a very good taste products, and the nutritional value is significantly better than ordinary rice.


synthetic rice

Artificial rice production cost is low, easy to process and make, the finished product quality is good, starch content is low, nutrition is rich, the finished product appearance is smooth and beautiful, color diversification, finished product bonding performance is good, soft taste, not easy to aging, can be directly edible, but also according to the characteristics of rice processing edible.

Artificial rice is made from fine rice flour, which is mixed with water, puffed, cooled, dried and sifted. It looks like rice. The artificial rice made of yellow corn is light yellow, while the rice made of white corn is white. Both of them are semi-puffed and have a certain transparency. The rice made of this kind of corn is more delicious than the rice made of corn flour and corn residue.


Golden rice

Artificial rice has three main characteristics

First, improved people’s food structure, increased the nutritional value of corn, conducive to human digestion and absorption.

Second, the production of artificial rice, can be formulated according to the needs, add essential nutrients, such as lysine, minerals and vitamins, to produce healthy rice suitable for infants and the elderly.

Third, this kind of rice saves time and energy in cooking and is cheap in quality.

Artificial rice equipment is a food production equipment according to food nutrition needs, combined with advanced foreign technology, which suitable for modern enterprise production needs.

The production equipment is in line with the general situation of people’s intensive diet treatment in modern society, to meet people’s requirements for balanced nutrition, it also avoids the problems of large investment and high operating cost of imported equipment, and has the advantages of high degree of automation and energy saving.

Artificial rice bulking machine

This production line can use rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and other grains as raw materials, add a variety of vitamins, proteins and minerals for processing. After extruding, ripening and shaping in the extruder, new fortified rice is generated. Its edible method is same with natural rice and more simple and convenient, nutrition can adapt the life of modern rhythm more.

Artificial rice production line has two processing technology

Process 1: raw material mixing – twin screw extruding pressing granule – cooling – drying

Process 2: raw material mixing – twin-screw curing – single-screw extruding – cooling – drying


Single screw main engine                                                                     Double-screw extruder

The transparency and cooking resistance of gold rice with twin screw extruding is less than that of artificial rice processed by secondary extruding. But the investment cost is lower than the production investment of the second squeeze.

Artificial rice production line

It is absolutely not enough to eat the nutrients of ordinary rice and flour products alone, which often causes insufficient nutrition or excess energy. Therefore, the amount of nutritional fortification must be increased.

Due to the loss of a large amount of protein and trace elements in the process of grain processing, the nutrient composition is greatly reduced. The equipment technology of nutritive rice production line is the breakthrough of extrusion principle in grain recycling. The biggest characteristic of this technology is to add various nutrients necessary for human body to food, and produce various health food, curative food and functional food. The product is convenient to eat, easy to digest and absorb, deeply welcomed by consumers. It can be seen as a new kind of food needed by modern society to maintain optimal health. It will change the world from the pursuit of “enough food” to the pursuit of “the best healthy rice”.